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Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

With this highly e ective method of Facial Rejuvenation one can simultaneous- ly bene t a person‘s appearance and overall health.


  • How to customize facial rejuvenation treatments based on Chinese & Japanese acupuncture.
  • How to assess which meridians are involved in the various ways that individuals physically manifest the aging process.
  • Point selection and needle technique for conditions such as: age spots, acne, sagging skin, wrinkles, dry skin, scars, double chins, bags & dark circles under the eyes
  • Qigong and Virginia’s own Integrated Deep Muscle Therapy (IDMT) techniques for preserving youthful appearance and combating signs of aging on the face.


Dieser Kurs findet im Swiss Star Hotel, Grubenstrasse 5, 8620 Wetzikon statt. Mehr Informationen und Details finden Sie unter: www.bluedragon-clinic.ch

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Maria Graf
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Dr. med. Johannes Hickelsberger
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Dr. med. Frank R. Bahr
890 CHF

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269 CHF

Sven Kruse
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Dr. med. univ. (A) Sandi Suwanda
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Pascale Barmet
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Sven Kruse
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