The Ancient Art of Cupping

This course is devoted to the advanced technique of Cupping. A lecture on the The Ancient Art of Cupping will be presented, and will cover all the different styles of suction technique, as well as gua xia. Susan will discuss at length what the colour on the skin actually means and how and why toxins build up in the muscles and/or joints. Safety concerns will be addressed, as well as how to inform the patient about aftercare and what to expect from their cupping treatment. There will be recorded demonstrations of cupping patterns, with detailed explanations of running cups, bamboo cupping and gua xia.


  • To provide practitioners with a well-rounded scope of practice, including advanced cupping techniques.
  • To provide an understanding of the various types of cupping techniques, and how and when they can be applied to different clinical situations.
  • To ensure students understand, and learn what they need to know to provide excellent health care for their patients in a safe, sterile, sensitive, and effective way.
  • To ensure that students are aware of when cupping is best used and also when and why it might be avoided.
  • To help students understand the energetic ways in which point patterns can be intelligently combined with cupping, to enhance a treatment.
  • Discussing the multicultural use of suction techniques, including when, where, how and why we use cupping
  • Discussing different types of cupping and gua xia techniques, including pump-up style, flame cupping, running cups, bamboo cupping and gwa sha.
  • Safety concerns, patient interface and aftercare will be carefully and thoroughly covered, followed by a detailed description of 10 different cupping patterns.


Webinare bieten Chancen und ermöglicht Vorgehensweisen, die dem Präsenzunterricht ebenbürtig sind. Die Zugangsdaten erhalten Sie bis spätestens 1 Tag vor dem Webinar per Mail. Sprache: Englisch Dieser Kurs wird von der ASA vollumfänglich akkreditiert - sie erhalten 6 Credits.


14:00 - 21:00

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